Monday, February 16, 2015

Heavenly Pink

Destination of Choice: 
Hluboka Castle, Czech Republic

For me heaven would be made out white clouds with a slight shade of pink tint. Quiet a girly heaven but to each our own. This dress was definitely a little piece of heaven sewed together to bring happiness to us girls. I just loved the way this dress from Sheinside flowed especially when I walked. The arm slights and the back definitely work together to create an exquisite dress. I felt like a Roman goddess or a princess straight out of a Disney fairytale. If I were to chose anywhere in the world to wear this dress it would be Hloboka Castle in Czech Republic. What princess doesn't deserve her own castle? Forgot the prince, I want this castle! That and good clothes, macaroons and I will be set to go. I would be prepared to run around bare foot in this pink dress. There is something elegant yet simple about this dress that regardless how you wear it, it will always look classy. 

Natalie Gennaoui

As New York Fashion week comes nearer-say no to designs with fur! 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Every Starry Night

Starry Night Bike Path, Holland
Oh Van Gogh, the beauty of your paintings will never seize to be an inspiration to the world. Van Gogh originally painted Starry Night in Saint Rémy de Provence, France and did such a wonderful job capturing the beauty of a dark sky illuminated with stars. Romwe did Van Gogh's Starry Night justice when putting his painting on a sweater. The colors of this sweater is a vibrant mix of blues, yellows, and blacks. As you may remember from I previous post, my life resolution is to travel the world and I have decided to match my outfit with a place in the world. Either because I feel my outfit matches the environment or it is what I would wear if I went to that particular location. My matching destination for the Starry Night sweater is the Starry Night bike path in Amsterdam, Holland. I can't wait to go to Holland and wear my matching sweater to bike down the path inspired by Van Gogh. The sweater is comfortable but is light and can be worn on a slightly chilly or warm day. I can't wait to wear it out! I have already received many compliments on this sweater. I feel like it is a great conversation piece. Think about it, wherever you go you are a walking piece of art. I am definitely taking this gem with me when I am traveling. Where would you wear the Van Gogh's Starry Night sweater?

Natalie Gennaoui